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thumbnail image The Meadow Garden video available

Discover new layers of beauty in our Meadow Garden. Spanning 86 acres, our newest garden features the best practices in ecological garden design more→

thumbnail image Plants that Attract Butterflies

Most people enjoy butterflies in the garden because of their beauty. However, they are also important for pollinating flowers. Throughout Longwood Gardens, from June to August, both native and non-native plants attract b... more→

thumbnail image Pennsylvania Asters

Come and take a tour of some of the unique Pennsylvania native plants in the aster family that are blooming right now. more→

thumbnail image Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds

There are many garden plants that attract hummingbirds. This tour includes examples from among shrubs, vines and perennials in Longwood's outdoor collections. more→

thumbnail image Unlikely Edibles

Expand your mind and your palate on this tour of Longwood’s coyest eats. more→

thumbnail image Longwood Gardens' Champion Tree Tour

Longwood Gardens has the most reported champion trees in the state of Pennsylvania. 63 Pennsylvania champion trees, that is the largest recorded specimens of a particular species or variety, grow at Longwood Gardens. The... more→

thumbnail image Longwood Introduces.....

This tour will guide you to some of the plants introduced by Longwood Gardens from Pierre S. du Pont’s time to the present day. more→

thumbnail image Invasive Exotic Plant Awareness Tour

Awareness and management of invasive species is crucial to maintaining our native landscape. In the home landscape, this situation can often be mitigated by growing a diversity of native plants. more→

thumbnail image Around the World: Plants from Longwood’s Explorations

Journey along with Longwood’s plant explorers and discover plants collected from all over the world. more→

thumbnail image Longwood's Orchid Display

Visit Longwood’s Orchid Display for a living showcase of 300 to 500 plants at peak bloom. more→

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