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thumbnail image Dino Fodder

Early vascular plants, present during the age of the dinosaurs, are represented today by descendants from this past and ancient era, referred to as living fossils. more→

thumbnail image Longwood Gardens’ Bonsai Collection: Giants in Miniature

Constantly changing and ever picturesque, bonsai are living sculptures honoring the strength and grace of trees in nature. Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) literally means "potted plant" in Japanese, but this synergy ... more→

thumbnail image Winter Highlights in the Garden

As cold weather settles in, new aspects of the garden become apparent. It is in this season that the pace of garden life slows and the guest is able to appreciate underlying forms and evergreen gems; the structure that h... more→

thumbnail image Longwood Gardens' Champion Tree Tour

Longwood Gardens has the most reported champion trees in the state of Pennsylvania. 63 Pennsylvania champion trees, that is the largest recorded specimens of a particular species or variety, grow at Longwood Gardens. The... more→

thumbnail image Escape: Island Palms from Around the World

Escape from reality and visit several islands as you take a tour through various conservatories learning how these amazing and ancient plants grow on islands big and small around the world. more→

thumbnail image Longwood Gardens' Green Wall video available

Longwood's green wall, designed by British landscape architect Kim Wilkie, is 14 feet tall and encompasses a surface area of over 4,000 square feet (372 square m) down a long, curving corridor. It features a paneled w... more→

thumbnail image Ever Green and More

Longwood features many examples of evergreen trees and shrubs that can be enjoyed in any season. more→

thumbnail image Longwood's Orchid Display

Visit Longwood’s Orchid Display for a living showcase of 300 to 500 plants at peak bloom. more→

thumbnail image China, the Mother of Gardens

In the course of the last two centuries, Chinese plants transformed western gardens. This tour looks at some of those introductions to the western landscape. more→

thumbnail image The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal Plants

PHS's Gold Medal Plant Award program has recognized trees, shrubs and woody vines of outstanding merit. This tour highlights the award winning plants at Longwood Gardens throughout the seasons. more→

thumbnail image Conservatory Climbers

Going beyond the constraints of light, water, soil and space, climbing plants have adapted clever ways of rising up over the competition. Discover the richness of the vine world, seen in Longwood's conservatories.... more→

thumbnail image Beeches of the Forest

The majestic beech trees of Longwood Gardens are classic living structures of horticultural beauty. Terms to describe this group of trees could be historic, beloved, artistic and fragile. more→

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