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thumbnail image Woodland Spring Flowering Pennsylvania Natives

It's spring in Pennsylvania! Enjoy the soft weather and long awaited flowering plants. On this tour you will see ten Pennsylvania woodland native plants that are all in flower in late April, early May.... more→

thumbnail image Trees and Shrubs That Like Wet Feet

If your property has a low-lying area with a tendency to collect water, or perhaps you have a pond or stream that you would like to landscape, these plants will give you many options for your garden. more→

thumbnail image Late Blooming Magnolias

Even though early spring is commonly hailed as the big magnolia season, you can still enjoy attractive magnolias late spring into summer as well more→

thumbnail image Longwood Introduces.....

This tour will guide you to some of the plants introduced by Longwood Gardens from Pierre S. du Pont’s time to the present day. more→

thumbnail image Dogwood Cornucopia

The genus Cornus, includes many other species native throughout the world, some of which grow as trees, others taking on a form of a shrub. This tour will look at the worthy members of the dogwood genus.... more→

thumbnail image Longwood Gardens’ Bonsai Collection: Giants in Miniature

Constantly changing and ever picturesque, bonsai are living sculptures honoring the strength and grace of trees in nature. Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) literally means "potted plant" in Japanese, but this synergy ... more→

thumbnail image Longwood Gardens' Champion Tree Tour

Longwood Gardens has the most reported champion trees in the state of Pennsylvania. 63 Pennsylvania champion trees, that is the largest recorded specimens of a particular species or variety, grow at Longwood Gardens. The... more→

thumbnail image Beeches of the Forest

The majestic beech trees of Longwood Gardens are classic living structures of horticultural beauty. Terms to describe this group of trees could be historic, beloved, artistic and fragile. more→

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