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thumbnail imageon mapImpatiens pallida (Pale Touch-me-not)

Family: Touch-me-not Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: yellow Nativity: E & C North America Soil: Moist soil. Light: partial shade, sun

thumbnail imageon mapIris pseudacorus (Yellow Flag)

Family: Iris Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: yellow Nativity: W Europe & N Africa Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Soil: Moist garden soil up to 6" of water. Light: sun, partial shade

thumbnail imageon mapIris versicolor (Wild Iris)

Family: Iris Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: purple Nativity: E & C North America Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 Soil: Moist soil. Light: sun, partial shade

thumbnail imageon mapJuncus effusus (Soft Rush)

Family: Rush Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Worldwide Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Soil: Wet, moist. Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapJuncus tenuis (Path Rush)

Family: Rush Family Habit: grass/sedge; herbaceous Nativity: Worldwide

thumbnail imageon mapLactuca canadensis (Wild Lettuce)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: North America

on mapLactuca serriola (Prickly Lettuce)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Europe, N Africa & W Asia

thumbnail imageon mapLamium purpureum (Purple Dead-nettle)

Family: Mint Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: purple Nativity: Europe, N Africa & W Asia Hardiness: USDA Zone 3

on mapLechea pulchella (Leggett's pinweed)

Family: Rock-rose Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: E North America

thumbnail imageon mapLeersia oryzoides (Rice Cutgrass)

Family: Grass Family Habit: grass/sedge; herbaceous Nativity: Temperate Regions Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapLeersia virginica (Whitegrass)

Family: Grass Family Habit: grass/sedge; herbaceous Nativity: C & E North America & Brazil Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapLemna minor (Duckweed)

Family: Duckweed Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: North America, Africa, Europe & Asia

on mapLepidium campestre (Cow-cress)

Family: Mustard Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Europe & W Asia

thumbnail imageon mapLeucanthemum vulgare (Ox-eye Daisy)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: white Nativity: Europe & W Asia Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 Soil: Dry to medium well-drained soil. Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapLiatris microcephala (Small-head Blazing-star)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: red Nativity: SE United States Hardiness: USDA Zone 5 Light: sun, partial shade

thumbnail imageon mapLiatris spicata (Blazing-star)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: purple Nativity: E United States Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Soil: Moist, well-drained soil of average fertility containing organic matter. Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapLinaria vulgaris (Butter and Eggs)

Family: Plantain Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: yellow Nativity: Europe & Temperate Asia Hardiness: USDA Zone 2 Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapLobelia cardinalis (Cardinal-flower)

Family: Bellflower Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: red Nativity: North America Hardiness: USDA Zone 5 Soil: Moist, fertile humusy soil. Summer and winter mulches are beneficial. Light: sun, partial shade

thumbnail imageon mapLobelia inflata (Indian-tobacco)

Family: Bellflower Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: purple Nativity: E & C United States & Canada

thumbnail imageon mapLobelia siphilitica (Great Lobelia)

Family: Bellflower Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: blue Nativity: E & C North America Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 Soil: Moist, fertile humusy soil. Light: partial sun, sun

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