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thumbnail imageon mapCerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare (Mouse-ear Chickweed)

Family: Pink Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Europe, N Africa & Temperate Asia

on mapCerastium glomeratum (Sticky Chickweed)

Family: Pink Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: N Africa, W Asia & Europe

thumbnail imageon mapChaiturus marrubiastrum (Lion's Tail)

Family: Mint Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Europe

thumbnail imageon mapChamaecrista fasciculata (Partridge Pea)

Family: Bean Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: EC & SE United States Soil: moist or drysandy well-drained soil. Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapChasmanthium latifolium (Wild-oats)

Family: Grass Family Habit: herbaceous; grass/sedge Flowers: green Nativity: E & C North America Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 Soil: Tolerant of a wide range of soils. Native to stream banks, floodplains and low, rich woodlands. Light: partial shade

thumbnail imageon mapChelidonium majus (Celandine)

Family: Poppy Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Europe, N Africa & Temperate Asia

thumbnail imageon mapChelone glabra (White Turtle-head)

Family: Plantain Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: white Nativity: NE North America Hardiness: USDA Zone 4 Soil: Moist to medium rich soils; tolerant of clay and wet conditions. Light: partial shade

thumbnail imageon mapChenopodium album (Lamb's-quarters)

Family: Goosefoot Family Habit: herbaceous; cactus/succulent Nativity: Naturalized Worldwide

thumbnail imageon mapCichorium intybus (Chicory)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: blue Nativity: Europe, N Africa & W Asia Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 Soil: Dry, disturbed soils with high pH. Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapCircaea lutetiana ssp. canadensis (Enchanter's Nightshade)

Family: Evening Primrose Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: North America

thumbnail imageon mapCirsium arvense (Canada Thistle)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Europe & Temperate Asia

thumbnail imageon mapCirsium discolor (Field Thistle)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: E & C North America

thumbnail imageon mapCirsium horridulum (Yellow Thistle)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: yellow Nativity: E & SC North America Hardiness: USDA Zone 5 Soil: Moist soil. Light: sun

thumbnail imageon mapCirsium muticum (Swamp Thistle)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: E & C North America

thumbnail imageon mapCirsium pumilum (Pasture Thistle)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: purple Nativity: NE & NC North America Soil: Dry, rocky, or poor soils; disturbance dependent. Light: sun

on mapCirsium vulgare (Bull Thistle)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Europe, N Africa, E, W & C Asia

thumbnail imageon mapClaytonia virginica (Virginia Spring-beauty)

Family: Purslane Family Habit: herbaceous; geophyte Flowers: white Nativity: E North America Hardiness: USDA Zone 3 Soil: Adaptable; best in moist, well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil. Can tolerate drier conditions when dormant and will colonize poor soil. Light: sun, partial sun

thumbnail imageon mapClinopodium vulgare (Wild-basil)

Family: Mint Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: pink|purple Nativity: Europe, Temperate Asia, N Africa, North America

thumbnail imageon mapCommelina communis (Dayflower)

Family: Spiderwort Family Habit: herbaceous Nativity: Asia

thumbnail imageon mapConoclinium coelestinum (Mistflower)

Family: Aster Family Habit: herbaceous Flowers: purple Nativity: C & E United States Hardiness: USDA Zone 5 Soil: Moist loam sandy part clay. Light: partial shade, sun

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